Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Raw Wild honey

Our Fruit Trees has started to bear more flowers due to long dry season which results to abundance of Raw Wild honey. Raw Wild Honey High in pollen just as nature intended, Unpasteurised, Unblended Health benifits : Prevent cancer and health diseases, Reduce ulcer and gastrointestinal disorders, anti bacterial,anti fungal, reduce cough and throat irritation, Blood sugar regulation, heal wound and burns, beautify skin.. Net Content: 450 ml Note: Not suitable for 1 year old below Price: 250 Pesos + Shipping Fee PM for orders. Contact 09339141633 for faster transactions. Bernard Bautista added 24 new photos. April 12 Today's Delivery and Packing... Thanks JAH for the blessings... Honey Factoid: Color and Flavor of Honey Color is used in the honey industry as a convenient measure of honey flavour and aroma. Generally, lighter honeys have a milder flavor and darker honeys have a more robust flavor. The color and flavour of honey is largely determined by the floral source of the nectar. However, exposure to heat and storage time may affect honey's quality and color. Normally, the darkening of honey occurs more rapidly when honey is stored at high temperatures. Also, honey appears lighter in color after it has granulated, which is why most creamed honeys are opaque and light in color. ‪#‎rawwildhoney‬ ‪#‎purehoney‬ ‪#‎unblended‬ ‪#‎unpasteurized‬ ‪#‎certifiedorganic‬ ‪#‎100percentpure‬ PM for orders. Contact 09339141633 for faster transactions

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