Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I once asked a bird, “How is it that you fly in this gravity Of darkness?” She responded, “Love lifts Me.

WHO YOU ARE? You are beautiful. You are Smart. You are Funny. You are Kind.You are Unique.You are Worthy of Love and Affection. You are Never too Much and You are Always Enough.You are Precious, a Diamond, a Rose, a Pearl.You are the most Stunning God’s Creation.You are Worth more than you can ever imagine.Your Worth Surpasses All Earthly Things. The reality is that you deserve someone who would give up their Life for you because you are Powerful and Strong and Capable Find that woman in you and set her FREE! “THIS IS WHO YOU ARE” What is Being Woman all about? Being Woman specializes in creating “Goddess” with oozing self confidence. Wear it, Sex it out, Flaunt it, and Celebrate it! This is what Being Woman is all about. Be fabulous, be you! What do we aim at? We believe that the world needs more from women and to make this come true the world needs a powerful movement to empower them. Being Woman is one such movement that aims at bringing ‘The Pink Revolution; globally. We, along with the world, take pride in calling ourselves as the ‘Pioneers of the Pink Revolution’, globally! The Powerhouse Team At Being Woman, we believe that it is the people who matter the most. We are not just a group of three ambitious friends but a complete family of 50+ members from different corners of the world who act as the ultimate ambassadors to this massive and ambitious movement. The Growth Story Being Woman was found in mid 2012 by three friends, brought up in India and Pakistan with a desire to win hearts across the globe. Just like a few water droplets make up a glass full of water, in the same way it all started with a closed group of few females on Facebook. Growing gradually, the numbers increased over 15,000 women with due course of time. To spread the awareness further and give it a global reach, in October 2015 along with the group, the founders decided to promote the page on Facebook. Within a span of 4 months, fans count crossed 3 lakhs, growing every single day. The way ahead ‘The stronger, the better’. Do join the force to strengthen this mass movement further! LIKE us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Lets the pictures speak on Instagram!

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