Thursday, December 1, 2016

Science-based research on preventing cancer and improving health using natural superfoods and proper diet. The research posted here is almost always based on (and linked to) scientific studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, however no such study can be guaranteed to be totally flawless, accurate or complete. All information posted on this page is for information purposes only, does not constitute medical advice or advice to purchase or use any product, and does not replace a doctor’s advice. All matters regarding your health should be first discussed with your doctor or appropriately licensed medical professional. Check with your doctor before undertaking any change in diet or exercise, and before taking any plant, herb, special food or supplement. Certain foods or supplements may interact with each other and/or can alter the way your body metabolizes some medications.

@TheEdenPrescription Message Now MORE INFO About Breaking news on preventing cancer and achieving true natural health with superfoods, vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices—all from nature’s pharmacy. Biography PhD in Applied Science MBA from Kellogg School of Management Currently writing a book on preventing and fighting cancer with natural foods, herbs and science-based natural medicines, and sharing that research here. Awards The Eden Prescription (thriller) has won: Bronze Medal - 2011 Living Now Awards, Finalist in:... See More

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