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What to feed your chickens so they lay eggs year round. Becky's Homestead Becky's Homestead

PH Search Search 1:14 / 6:08 What to feed your chickens so they lay eggs year round. Becky's Homestead Becky's Homestead Subscribed177,848 Add to Share More 1,023,408 views 14,761 438 ShareEmbedEmail Start at: 2:19 Published on Sep 30, 2014 Becky shows you what she feeds her chickens so they lay eggs all year long. She talks about what laying mash to buy, oats, bread, and whole corn vs cracked corn. Becky also talks about how important it is to keep the chicken water clean. Get answers to your homesteading questions here: Category Howto & Style License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS COMMENTS • 1,164 Oscar del Rosario Add a public comment... Top comments MM Reporter MM Reporter1 year ago Whole corn vs cracked corn??? No difference except the hens might need a sand gravel source for breaking up the whole corn in their craw. Oh, and that's one of the reasons for grinding corn for chickens. Also, ground corn works better for mixing with other grains, etc... Reply 38 View all 22 replies Dragonheat13 Dragonheat131 week ago (edited) It's just like she said. The whole corn contains more oil than the cracked. It helps keep fowls warm in the winter. Our ducks are fed whole corn in the winter. unfortunately, our spoiled chickens won't eat the whole corn. The only way our chickens will eat corn is if it's still on the cob! We are guilty of giving our chickens noodles in the winter for a treat. During the summer, we give them the cutworms from the garden. Read more Reply Chris Grayling Chris Grayling4 days ago The process of grinding any grain product (or corn) and exposing the components to the air reduces the nutritional content. Same goes for slicing a vegetable. The key argument here is make sure the corn is NOT GMO! And yes, feed it whole if you are going to feed corn at all. Great videos Becky, BTW. Reply Ognjen Mali Ognjen Mali2 months ago Becky will you marry me Reply 15 View all 5 replies Casilyn Akins Casilyn Akins2 weeks ago Ognjen Mali lol ikr that was a stupid question Reply Paul Sweet Paul Sweet2 weeks ago Ognjen Mali lol fare enough Reply 1 loganv0410 loganv04102 years ago "Might as well be feeding them gravel" followed by foolishness about whole corn having calories while cracked (by inference) doesn't ignores reality to an unbelievable degree. Reply 33 View all 46 replies polly jetix polly jetix1 month ago I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. Reply 1 Darby Dupree Darby Dupree1 month ago My brother in law lives near Richmond. :) Reply Aziz Habib Aziz Habib1 month ago love from Afghanistan. thank u so much for sharing . I love this video so much. Reply 4 View all 4 replies Paul Sweet Paul Sweet2 weeks ago bob bot not the place for that nonsense boy Reply 1 bob bot bob bot2 weeks ago I didn't say they deserve it. I say we bombed them so fucking much Reply Jalal Dawod Jalal Dawod3 days ago Holy boobs Reply MusketeerinFlorida MusketeerinFlorida3 weeks ago Wow, you just saved me some $$ ! I was wasting money on cracked corn. Thanks Becky! MiF Reply Cify Cify1 week ago so i googled Laying mash... "it's a grain-based feed with ingredients such as bone, meat scrap and limestone" ... what ! ok ! i'm not giving my chickens laying mash. Reply noviceprepper53 noviceprepper531 week ago thanks Becky Reply Matthew Niedbala Matthew Niedbala3 weeks ago Cracked corn is just corn that's cracked. It looses oil but damn it's not useless. I guess that's important tho. Reply 1 Daniel Morse Daniel Morse3 weeks ago We also used to give them suet and some remains from the table. We got year long eggs also with the whole corn. Clean water 24/7. Reply 1 Krista Schlecht Krista Schlecht1 week ago I'm glad this works for you. But science has proven it's the light not the feed that allows them to produce eggs. They need that light in their eyes for egg production. Winter where we live there is hardly any light. So production goes down. Reply Andrew Paeth Andrew Paeth3 weeks ago Hens that quit laying get ate around here... Reply 1 View all 3 replies Andrew Paeth Andrew Paeth2 weeks ago You must be from the Ivy league homesteads...congrats! Reply Robert Sparling Robert Sparling2 weeks ago I grew up as an Iowa farm boy. Reply Randy Tyler Randy Tyler15 hours ago let's watch a video on chickens and turn it into a 1 thousand comment hate fest! oh, I'm too late. Reply The Derptor The Derptor2 weeks ago I had bad lucky with none natural deaths my first hen was had a fox break-in and then I think it was my rooster because there was no sign of breakin the chest feathers ripped off and the neck ripped up Reply Robert Sparling Robert Sparling2 weeks ago Gotta put them in at night. Reply The Derptor The Derptor2 weeks ago The fox dug into our pen we've got smart predators Reply marcelino mata marcelino mata3 weeks ago can i wash eggs &will it hurt them . marcelino thank you Reply View all 3 replies Paul Sweet Paul Sweet2 weeks ago ford2n2003 very interesting I did not know that thanks for sharing your info Reply Tim Harris Tim Harris1 week ago ford2n2003 do some research on that. From what I've read unwashed eggs will last about a month out on the counter. If you refrigerate them they will last up to 6 months. Check out The Happy Chicken Coop. That's where I found my info. Reply jack dula jack dula1 week ago a good rooster around works every time lol Reply 1 Simple seeker Simple seeker5 days ago I really admire and respect you, and your log cabin is beautiful Reply Linda Readman Linda Readman2 weeks ago Are you using organic or GMO corn? I know there's so many GMO corns out there and it's not healthy. Reply View all 3 replies Linda Readman Linda Readman2 weeks ago Check out on Netflix. GMO, Consumed, Food Choices. Reply 1 farmr7 farmr72 weeks ago (edited) Linda - I will repeat. There are no peer reviewed scientific factual studies to support what you're saying. What you refer to is not science. And yes , I have a university degree in the science of agriculture with a major in animal science including poultry. And, our laying and meat flocks of chickens did well. Even in dark and cold winter in western Canada - the key is daylight and balanced rations. Read more Reply 1 Jt Bearclaw Jt Bearclaw2 weeks ago Awesome info Becky. You are One cool homesteader Reply Mike Albright Mike Albright1 week ago Also try feeding Greens Like lettuce leaves. Reply Show more

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