Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to Grow Eggplants - The Complete Guide

Published on Nov 5, 2016 Grow Light used: Growing eggplants in your garden is easy. In this episode we show you how to grow eggplants, purple eggplants easily in yoru home garden. We start from sowing seeds to germinating eggplant seeds indoors in a greenhouse and moving on to transplanting them in containers and raised beds. We also look at eggplant harvests from June thru November. This complete guide for growing eggplants covers all aspects from sunlight, water, fertilizer requirements, soil, etc for growing eggplants, also called brinjal or aubergines Category Education License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS COMMENTS • 67 Oscar del Rosario Add a public comment... Top comments Robert Plewnarz Robert Plewnarz2 weeks ago I need some tips on growing blueberries here in zone 10a. Soil is sandy loam with some clay pH is a little on the alkaline side. I'd like to plant before mid-March Reply 1 California Gardening California Gardening1 week ago I will try making a video on that, thanks for the suggestion Reply PorkNCheese PorkNCheese2 weeks ago that bumblebee was so phat and cute Reply 3 Althea McDougal Althea McDougal2 weeks ago Hi California Gear. I grow eggplant here in sunny Florida! My eggplant have a bitter taste, Do you have a any suggestions on how to remedy this problem ? Thank youand Happy Gardening! Reply 3 1kaaa 1kaaa2 weeks ago I planted eggplant seeds in September, and now I don't know what to do with my 10 week old plant. (10b) Reply 1 VOTE4TAJ VOTE4TAJ2 weeks ago 1kaaa Protect them from freezing and transfer in a large planter or in the soil. Reply 1 Farhan Ishrak Ahmed Farhan Ishrak Ahmed2 weeks ago It has been almost over a month that I put my egg plant seeds (bought from store ) into soil....none of them have sprouted...kindly suggest why Reply 1 Robert Plewnarz Robert Plewnarz2 weeks ago Farhan Ishrak Ahmed Could be cold temperature or seeds not viable. Suggest a few seeds folder in a damp paper towel and then in a seal top plastic bad. They should germinate in 10-14 days. Reply 1 Vatsek Vatsek2 weeks ago Nice plants, nice eggplants, Reply 1 View all 3 replies Satinder Chhabra Satinder Chhabra1 week ago Vatsek ý Reply 1 Satinder Chhabra Satinder Chhabra1 week ago k Reply 1 odette381 odette3812 weeks ago Can you post a recipe for cooking eggplants? I wouldn't know what to do with them. Do you peel them before cooking? I'd like to see how you cook them. Reply 1 California Gardening California Gardening1 week ago No, we do not peel them before cooking. I posted a recipe in this video, will try posting the video as well Reply odette381 odette3811 week ago California Gardening. Don't know how I missed that. thanks Reply SantaAnaRoadWildman SantaAnaRoadWildman2 weeks ago I love the complete guides! Maybe republish around spring so we can be reminded and follow along? Reply 1 C3 Voyage C3 Voyage2 weeks ago Very thorough and well-made video! I have great success myself growing in containers. Enjoyed your video. Brent Reply 1 orange sunquick orange sunquick2 weeks ago hai I'm from Malaysia..I'm so excited to see this video..thanks for sharing excited to see my eggplants like your eggplant..can't wait for it..😊 Reply 1 Cate's Garden Cate's Garden1 week ago Good info. And yummm, eggplant. :D Reply 1 saish Sakharkar saish Sakharkar2 weeks ago hello Reply 1 geminirat60 geminirat603 days ago what do you do to control spider mites? Reply 1 Robert Plewnarz Robert Plewnarz2 weeks ago Love the toothbrush idea. Reply 1 ChezGra ChezGra2 weeks ago Very nice video. I am growing two plants now, for the first time Reply 1 CoolMidnight Blue CoolMidnight Blue2 weeks ago Talk about extensive😗. You can even see the pollen clouds formed from hand pollinating the flowers. I'll definitely get eggplants next year following these steps 😄Thanks Reply 1 Anu Janakiraman Anu Janakiraman2 weeks ago That was a delightful video CG! Lovely footage of the bee in action. 👌 Reply 1 Bill Splaine Bill Splaine2 weeks ago (edited) You mentioned you would add a link for your grow light. I don't see it. Would you please add? Thanks. Sorry, I was blind.. i found it. Reply 1 Jitender Gulati Jitender Gulati2 weeks ago nice Reply 1 heavenly gardens heavenly gardens2 weeks ago Excellent guide.It contains all the necessary details to grow perfect eggplants!!!will grow next year!!!!!! Reply 1 Show more

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