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Pepper Growing Tips - The Complete Guide To Growing Great Peppers California Gardening California Gardening

Published on May 17, 2014 Learn the secrets to growing great peppers in your garden. Watch how to grow peppers, fertilize and harvest peppers, prevent insects & diseases in peppers. See different varieties of peppers and which ones are your favorite to grow. We will show you how to grow a wide variety of peppers including green Bell, Yellow, Red, Purple Fiesta Peppers, Jalapenos, Ancho Poblano, Pasilla, Indian and Thai peppers, Banana peppers, etc. We will show you how to fertilize your pepper plants, take care of them and harvest your peppers. Category Howto & Style License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS COMMENTS • 762 Oscar del Rosario Add a public comment... Top comments Sam Jain Sam Jain3 weeks ago (edited) in which season I shall grow green bell pepers and chillies.. summer or winter Reply 1 California Gardening California Gardening2 weeks ago Summer Reply Warsong27 Warsong272 weeks ago Great video and thank you for the fertilization tips. Reply 1 joelyboyblue joelyboyblue2 months ago Peppers will be limited by the size of container, use a big one Reply 1 luap nosas luap nosas1 week ago try "siling labuyo" from the philippines Reply 2 Stephanie R Stephanie R9 months ago "gently remove the plant" drops plant on dirt Lolllll great video! Reply 26 View all 3 replies Flying Rhino Flying Rhino7 months ago +Stephanie R Haha, classic mate ;) Reply tameka moseleyhartley tameka moseleyhartley7 months ago lol Reply Ravikumar Bhoopal Ravikumar Bhoopal4 days ago That a very useful video. Can we top and prune bell pepper plants like other pepper plants to get bushier growth? Does it work? Reply 1 California Gardening California Gardening4 days ago Yes you can! Dont be afraid to prune, however peppers and eggplants are naturally bushy plants (except some varieties like Poblano which grow very tall). So prune them to suit your space! Reply suDz suDz3 months ago That wasn't a gentle removal from the pot though, lol Reply 2 darkjanic 666 darkjanic 6663 months ago I need help withy bell pepper after fertilization, i habe odd shaped fruits Reply 1 Rosa M-B Rosa M-B1 month ago Thanks for the video. I subscribed :-) Reply 1 Dante Ali Dante Ali1 month ago wonderful videos keep it up Reply 1 masong kandy masong kandy2 months ago Great and encourage me to do pepper gardening. Reply 1 Saidalavi Kongattil Saidalavi Kongattil2 months ago Nice Reply 1 John Nelson John Nelson3 months ago My pepper plants got attacked by the tomato horned worm. Those things munched every last leave and even ate a hole in a pepper! Reply 1 Rachelle Hines Rachelle Hines2 months ago some of the leaves are falling off of my pepper plants. I'm fertilizing and watering, and have them in containers within a green house. what's causing that? I'm actually a novice at gardening. Reply 1 navalady krishna navalady krishna1 month ago good to learn a novel way to cultivate vegs. thanks for ideas u screened. Reply 1 Marc Gagnon Marc Gagnon6 months ago Love the video! (No need for subtitles sir!) Reply 1 NITHIN K NITHIN K4 months ago thank you. Reply Rosalind Bernard Rosalind Bernard5 months ago Great video very informative thanks for sharing Reply 1 VisionStills VisionStills2 months ago Great video. My highest compliment, subscribed. Reply 1 IkBenMejoe IkBenMejoe5 months ago Ik have kind of a slug problem in my garden. Should I still use mulch because I'm afraid I'll not be able to find them anymore if they get under the leaves? (I live in the Netherlands close to the sea) Reply 1 View all 3 replies Dee B Dee B3 months ago Do you let your soil dry out good before you water again?. Reply Fred Lewis Fred Lewis3 months ago +Dee B Although it is good to let the soil dry out a bit before watering it is equally important to... A) Never let it dry out to the point your plant is wilting. ( A side extreme heat leaves will wilt naturally. DO NOT confuse this with dry soil). Check soil by poking your finger as far down as you can. If dry, apply water. But do not water the leaves and definetely not while sun is overhead and hot conditions prevail. Water in the morning. Evening watering can cause too much humidity around plants and can accelerate mold on leaves and stems/branches during still conditions (no wind). Morning is best...if you can endure the B) Too much water is bad. Tomatoes, peppers, cukes and melons need about an inch/day. Too much will cause the flowers and newly developed fruit to become yellow and drop off. The very best solution to watering is a Soil Humidity Meter. Several types are available. Poke into the soil and read the conditions on the meter. Quick, reliable, and an asset to prevent overwatering. Good luck, hope this helps. Read more Reply 1 GT Devon GT Devon3 months ago Well made home vid ,5*** Reply 1 Show more

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