Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A global alliance

2017 new Marketing Plan - A global alliance Subscribed1,277 Published on 2017 Detailed Explanation of Improved Marketing Plan of Alliance In Motion Global, this marketing plan will be implemented on January 15, 2017. Adjustment: EFFECT WILL COME JANUARY 15, 2017. All Global Package will now have standard price Global package 7,980 will no longer be available. New Associate package 6,980 will now become available. following feature: 16 pairs per day Direct Referral Earning: 1,000 pesos Match Sales Bonus: 2,000 pesos with sunday encoding CAN DO MULTIPLE HEADS upto 7 Heads or 7 accounts. will contain product from AIM global, AIM world and NPP Naturacential products worth upto 15,000 php. Associate Package ( AP ) Direct Referral Earning: 500 php Match Sales bonus: 1,000 php No sunday encoding can be upgraded if you accumulate 2 personal points once you accumulate 2 personal sales points you will now have same feature with P12,980 packages. CAN NOT DO MULTIPLE HEADS unless upgraded with 2 personal reorder points. OVERALL: Retail price will be raised by 10 percent. every GLOBAL PACKAGES sold in all your downline you will get money earning Gift certificate every 5th cycle in match sales bonus will now converted to points for travel incentives or car down payment. Every 25th Certificate will now replaced to points for travel incentives or downpayment for your car. New Rank Senior GA will be available GA Max will now introduced. Every 5th is Travel Rewards Only 6 days a week, so it has NO Sunday Encoding Associates Pack has 400 StairStep Points( this is NEW)!!! Associates need to UPGRADE to enjoy benefit of a Global Package-Distributor!!! You need to accumulate of 2.0 Personal positional Points in order to have multiple heads, No time Frame! Once Assosiate pack completed the 2.0 Points Personal Reorder---its like a GP Distributor already Enjoying 8 Pairs in AM and in PM with Sunday encoding Once Assosiate Pack (AP) completed the 2 Points Personal Reorder---that's the only time his rank will advance, meaning the 2 Personal Points Reorder is not credited as Rank advancement for the Associate, but for the Upline Distributor--it will be credited as rank advancement already. There will be no more Product Gift Check (GCs) in the Philippines, No more Sodexo too. All maintainance of 0.3334( 2 CPE Blister Packs reorder) will be CASH basis only. All regular maintenance 0.3334, double maintainance, triple maintainance will be CASH Basis! All SRP( except for AIMWORLD products and the 5 New NC Products) will increase by 10%. All DP( except for AIMWORLD products and the 5 New NC Products) will increase by 10%. All Commissional Points( except for AIMWORLD products and the 5 New NC Products) will increase by 10%. We increase the DP, we increase the Commissional Points too!!!! Take note of the New Stair Step Points of GP and AP Example: you're GA(30%) , then you have a new Direct of P12,980 GP, on top of DR and Binary income , since GP has 800 StairStep Points--you have ADDITIONAL income of P240 for every GP of that new Direct because he's just a distributor!!!! P32,000 per day income!!!!!! Before you only earn Stair Step income with the reorders. Now even with GPs and APs, there's Stair Step income!!!!!!! That's why income is bigger!!!!!!!! So if you're GA, Sponsor New people!!!!!!! And of course!!!!! If you're an SE or GE or GA, always maintain!!!!!!! So you will have Stair Step Income!!!!! Double Maintainance!!!!! Triple Maintainance!!!!!! For more StairStep income!!!!!!! It's 2% to the 10th GA generation with Roll Down, Roll Up Dynamic Compression!!!!! This is so HUGE!!!!!! It has monthly requirements of 10 Positional Points on Non-GA legs! Great News!!!!!!! We are coming up with an APP This APP will create e-wallet for your income!!! With this APP, your income from AIM can buy LOAD!!! With this APP, your income from AIM can PAY BILLS( meralco, nawasa etc etc)!!! With this APP, your income from AIM can put load on BEEP card( LRT-MRT)!!! With this APP, your income from AIM can do REMITTANCES, local and International( in the near Future!!!) With this APP, your income from AIM can pay AIRLINE tickets!!!!! It's Value Added Services!!! You can still avail the 7980 if you Text us now in this number: 0927 792 0674 globe 0919 311 3828 smart or chat with us in facebook: e-mail us at: FREE DOWNLINES AVAILABLE in A global alliance Group! Join us now! Category People & Blogs

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