Thursday, March 9, 2017

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FIND US @influenceOlogy Message Now Call +1 858-207-6456 BUSINESS INFO Launched on June 8, 2009 Mission Our mission is to help individuals, business owners and corporations to become better leaders and communicators by implementing the art and science of influence. InfluenceOlogy's system works as a change agent by helping our clients in 4 core areas: 1) Influencing Yourself / Mindset Development: We help our clients to integrate consistent behaviors and patterns that are congruent with their outcomes. We help our clients to overcome limiting behaviors (fear, procrastination, limiting beliefs, uncertainty, doubt) that may stop them from unleashing themselves into greatness, and we coach them to start living a life of abundance and prosperity. 2) One on One Influence: We help our clients to communicate powerfully and persuasively in any context (business or personal life), so they get what they want. We help our clients to achieve better results during one on one communication, negotiation, meetings, and sales presentations. 3) One to Many Influence: We help our clients to conduct masterful and influential presentations. Leaders are called upon to speak for groups, employees, associations, prospective clients, sales meetings, webinars, video presentations, conference calls, video conferences, etc. However, presenting is not enough; you must influence your audience into action. That is what we teach our clients to do. 4) Enterprise Influence: The science of achievement and success principles can be applied to a business as well. We teach clients how to grow a business using marketing, influence, presentations and HOW TO BE FULFILLED at the same time. ADDITIONAL CONTACT INFO MORE INFO About ✔Verified by Facebook. Official InfluenceOlogy.® website -> Products categories Education STORY

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