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Your Memories on Facebook Oscar, we care about you and the memories you share here. We thought you'd like to look back on this post from 2 years ago. Oscar del Rosario via Wake Up World June 27, 2015 · Healing Cancer With Organic Foods A major revolution in the western healthcare, pharmaceutical and cancer industries is occurring and the movement is reaching the critical mass point. More people now than ever are researching and learning for themselves… THESPIRITSCIENCE.NET ॐ Collectively Conscious ॐ Public Oct 5, 2015  Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. When you eat processed and sugary foods you create an acidic environment where cancer and disease will thrive. Simply eating an organic plant-based diet may be your greatest defense and prevention technique. Healing Cancer With Organic Foods Healing Cancer With Organic Foods 24 plus ones 24 11 comments 11 17 shares 17 Shared publicly•View activity View 5 previous comments Mark Hale's profile photo Mark Hale +1 There's bullshit and there's dangerous bullshit. Oct 5, 2015 Artemis Ares's profile photo Artemis Ares +2 ph level doesn't increase or decrease cancer susceptibility if your blood ph for some magical fucking reason changes then you'll die (blood ph is between 7.3-7.5) Oct 5, 2015 Artemis Ares's profile photo Artemis Ares +1 +Klaus Rosenbjerg you're a dense idiot. Studies have proven that vegans have a increase in cancer rates, general illness, along with mental health conditions. Also your comment alone gave me cancer "just avoid most products with salt, sugar, meat, diary and fat" pure idiotic fucking cancer Oct 5, 2015 Klaus Rosenbjerg's profile photo Klaus Rosenbjerg +Walrus shoe Nobody will force you eating things vegans eat. I guess I should thank you. More raw food for us. I have no need to convince anyone or need of being right. Doctors and scientists worldwide are baffled as to why health testing vegans show so good health results. I have done tons of study on that and I baffle my doctor every time he test me. A dense idiot. Nice use of words, that is however not making every super healthy vegan wrong. Vegans get cancer, you refer to Steve Jobs I assume. He had cancer before trying vegan diet. Please share your links to those studies that proves vegan give cancer. Namaste Oct 7, 2015 Artemis Ares's profile photo Artemis Ares +Klaus Rosenbjerg mental health illness rates All of these studies are done by unbiased scientists that actually have degrees in nutrition rather then the pro vegan biased bro scientists that have no degree. Oct 7, 2015 Klaus Rosenbjerg's profile photo Klaus Rosenbjerg +Walrus shoe nice of you to provide links. All that really proves is that you believe what you choose to believe. I however do not need a PhD gold medal genius to tell me that vegan is wrong. Eat all the meat, candy, cheese you want if that makes you feel good. Reason I know vegan works for me is because I am the living proof, and so are other vegans. Would you dislike losing 15 kilo and get great skin without doing workout? That is my reality after just 1 year as vegan. And that's just 2 of a list of advantages. Indeed it's a free world. Live as you like. But flaming someone for being a vegan is immature. Oct 13, 2015 Add a comment... Healing Cancer With Organic Foods Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by Satyapriya ArticlesHolistic Health Cancer 0 Source: | Original Post Date: May 3, 2015 – healing-cancer-with-organic-foods A major revolution in the western healthcare, pharmaceutical and cancer industries is occurring and the movement is reaching the critical mass point. More people now than ever are researching and learning for themselves how to use nutrition to regain and maintain optimal health. People are realizing that a synthetic pharmaceutical drug, as advocated by many in the western medical field, can biochemically never elicit true health. Questions are being asked and nature’s beautiful cures are being rediscovered. One man who is helping to spearhead this movement is Ty Bollinger, a best-selling author of seven books on natural health and the creator of a newly released documentary titled The Quest For The Cures…Continues, which interviews twenty-eight medical doctors, eleven scientists and nine cancer survivors who break “the code of silence” and expose the truth about cancer as well as proven methods to treat and eliminate cancer through completely safe, natural and holistic methods. Why then, are these natural methods not being more widely discussed and promoted by an industry that is claiming to want to help cure and eliminate cancer? The simple answer is money. As Dr. Sunil Pai, M.D. states, “Follow the money. What is the biggest industry right now? It’s the cancer care industry. So the average cancer care for a person from Stage I to Stage IV will range anywhere from $350,000- $1,400,000 by the end of stage IV.” The cancer industry has also created millions of jobs in the form of the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, Food and Drug Administration, The Rockefeller Institute, The Carnegie Foundation and numerous jobs in medical schools teaching western medicine. Revealing the cost effectiveness and positive results of these holistic methods is not something the western medical establishment wants known as this would very quickly bring an end to many jobs, institutions and above all, profit.The dots are easily connected. The truth has been covered up in the name of greed. However, it is one thing to know what the issue is and it is another to find and utilize the solutions. One of the best and easiest methods to beating cancer that has been promoted in the documentary as well as by countless doctors of naturopathic medicine, chiropractors, health and wellness advocates and now an ever-growing number of western medicine-trained doctors is the consumption of organically grown and harvested fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. A common follow-up question that can be asked is if conventionally grown produce, those with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, can help to eliminate cancer as well. Scientists are finding that although the nutrient content in these foods are beneficial to cellular function, the chemicals found in and on the food itself, as well as in the soil, is very toxic and has been shown to induce and spread cancer throughout the body. These chemicals found in the food and soil are also destroying life-giving and health-promoting nutrients, namely ionic trace minerals. In 1936, two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling told the 74th Congress of the United States,“Every ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency. “ Ionic trace minerals are minerals in their nano or Angstrom form and have the ability to transport nutrients into the cell very easily due to their low molecular weight. They also have the ability to bring chemical balance and electrical potential back to the cell. Through soil that is untouched by synthetic chemicals and left to compost in the natural rhythms of nature, beneficial microbes help to create bio available fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids and trace minerals that assist the plant absorb these substances to then produce beautiful, healthy plants full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. When using synthetic chemicals though, the microbes are destroyed and the soil then becomes depleted of many beneficial nutrients and instead laced with harmful substances. In fact, fulvic acid alone is being used by doctors and patients in the treatment and prevention of cancer as well as a supplement for overall better health. Dr. Daniel Nuzum of Idaho has treated nearly 8,000 patients with fulvic acid and has received only good results from every one of the cases. To date, fulvic acid is the most potent anti-oxidant known, as it has 14 tetra trillion electrons it can donate to neutralize free radicals. That is 14 with twenty-one zeros behind it. It is so small and powerful that it has the ability to work outside of the cell, inside of the cell, and on multiple components of the cell. Fulvic acid can also turn metabolic waste into nutrition, something that is beneficial on many different levels. Another common question that has been asked is if organic dairy and animals products are safe and if they affect cancer cells to any certain degree. Though not consuming hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals is certainly good for a person’s health, discernment in consuming meat and dairy should be used. In his well-known book, The China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell stated that the 35 year study he and his team conducted showed casein, a protein found in animal meat and dairy, promoted every stage of the cancer growth process. The return to organically grown food as nutrition is happening in our world today at an ever-increasing speed. Doctors are once again promoting the usage of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices as medicine, scientists are separating truth from fiction, people are discovering what really heals and the light is shining down on the shady politics involved in cancer care and related industries. It is everyone’s right to be healthy, happy and free. Its also everyone’s right to have access to unbiased knowledge and information that can help create the health, happiness and freedom we are all seeking. For those interested, further research can be conducted on information regarding Fulvic Ionic Minerals, The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham, Herbal Medicine, Healing, Cancer by Donald Yance, the work of Dr. George Merkl as well as flower essence therapy, hydrochromotherapy and phototherapy. Written by Lance Schuttler of About the Author Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Science and is Director of Creative Health Non-Profits for Personable Media. He is passionate about holistic and naturopathic medicine as well as helping to bring awareness to an efficient, sustainable and health-promoting transition that our world’s current socio-economic model is rapidly undergoing. 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