Thursday, July 27, 2017

9 Kinds of Fish You Should Never Eat

9 Kinds of Fish You Should Never Eat BRIGHT SIDE BRIGHT SIDE Subscribed1.8M Add to Share More 671,085 views 5,803 1,573 ShareEmbedEmail Start at: 5:49 Published on Jun 21, 2017 Subscribe to Bright Side : For copyright matters please contact us at: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fish is both delicious and healthy, but there are certain fish that will do you more harm than good for your health. Here are 9 types of fish you should never eat or eat very rarely. Some kinds of fish aren’t recommended for kids at all! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Caption author (English) Natural Health Category Howto & Style License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS COMMENTS • 1,006 Oscar del Rosario Add a public comment... Top comments Call Mate Call Mate1 month ago What I cant live without Tuna Reply 256 View all 65 replies Apple Health Channel Apple Health Channel1 month ago I eat tuna salad......Leave a like if u like tuna Reply 165 View all 2 replies vinita bisen vinita bisen1 month ago Hit like who is non-vegetarian........ love yaa...... Reply 237 View all 9 replies brooklyn560 brooklyn5601 month ago just had a tuna sandwich... Reply 91 View all 6 replies MaximusStars MaximusStars1 month ago 1. How do you know. 2. We don't know it's good or not. 3. These theory are fake. 4. This Channel has been giving us fake information. 5. Doesn't mean I am rude, cause i search, it can be eaten. Read more Reply 58 View all 8 replies Grace :3 Grace :31 month ago On the bright side I don't even like fish! 😉😂 Reply 67 View all 8 replies Maleeha. S Maleeha. S1 month ago Nooooooooo I love tuna is the only fish I eat cuz I hate all other fish 😭😭😭 Reply 36 View all 20 replies CJ and Auntie Yaya CJ and Auntie Yaya1 month ago (edited) This entire video is based upon internet hoaxes. For one, Tilapia is the #1 home-farmed fish in the USA. The fish is kept in clean containers and their water is filtered through an aquaponics system. Yes, that's right, the vegetables filter out the ammonia and nitrates that the fish produce and return clean water. The fish are then fed organic foods and the cycle continues. Remember that all fish have fats that are much better than land based animals. Considering how many Asians eat the same fish they show on this video and those same ethnic groups are known to be less obese and have longer cancer-free lives than us in the US, it is quite clear that this video is a lie. Perhaps it is produced by someone who listens to internet hoaxes. Perhaps it is made with the idea to turn us all Vegan. Or perhaps the hoaxes for these specific fish were created by commercialized fishing companies who want to vilify fish farming because that niche directly competes with them. Just notice the 6th grade level of explanation associated with each fish they are warning against. They provide very little scientific data and no mention to JAMA or the CDC or the FDC. I'm wondering if this channel has a microwave is harmful video... If it does, I'm unsubscribing because it definitely is basing its videos on pseudoscience. Read more Reply 410 View all 75 replies Smmhs Pro Smmhs Pro1 month ago I dont believe this unless they have prove from a scientist not an article Reply 31 View all 5 replies July the Bunny July the Bunny1 month ago My brother is a fish Can I eat him Reply 30 View all 11 replies Misty Senpai Misty Senpai1 month ago I DONT EVEN LIKE FISH Reply 28 View all 8 replies Ricochet_Queen Ricochet_Queen1 month ago You shouldn't eat tuna?????? Reply 25 View all 12 replies Yungking 47 Yungking 471 month ago Well there goes love for Talapia Reply 23 View all 3 replies KittyQueenx KittyQueenx1 month ago Oh man I love salmon so much, the more stripes the better and oml now I'm hungry for salmon xD Reply 17 View reply Dr mlem Dr mlem1 month ago I ate 7 cans full of tuna Reply 17 View reply catchuza catchuza1 month ago We have nothing to eat in this world, I wonder what will the cause of our death, hunger,heat,water,toxic air or deceases :(( Reply 15 View all 2 replies Max Osti Max Osti1 month ago I've eaten so much tuna in the last few weeks, and nothing is wrong. btw I LOVE TUNA. Reply 14 Aunt Jemima Aunt Jemima1 month ago how tf does a fish manage to get mercury in it Reply 15 View all 10 replies Alpha 13579 Alpha 135791 month ago eels are edible?! How did I not know Reply 13 View all 7 replies KotniZia Ereka KotniZia Ereka1 month ago I don't like fish who else Reply 13 View all 2 replies Show more Autoplay Up next The WORST Food Practices Around the World! Pablito's Way 53,617 views 12:27 7 MOST DANGEROUS BEACHES IN THE WORLD #Mind Warehouse 1,221,085 viewsNEW 7:05 Fake Food YOU Eat Every Day! Origins Explained 742,936 views 12:26 8 MISTAKES IN FAMOUS THINGS NO ONE NOTICED BRIGHT SIDE 210,382 views 7:16 10 Products You’ll Never Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made! 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