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How to make Essential Oils HowToWithKeila HowToWithKeila

How to make Essential Oils HowToWithKeila HowToWithKeila Subscribed16K Add to Share More 885,588 views 6,765 499 ShareEmbedEmail Start at: 1:36 Published on May 30, 2012 How to make your own Lilac Essential Oil How to make Febreze: How to make Body Wash: Follow me on twitter to see what I'm up to and last minute deals Category Howto & Style License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS COMMENTS • 547 Oscar del Rosario Add a public comment... Top comments watuwaitn4 watuwaitn42 years ago This is great for the products you are making, but it is NOT an essential oil, it is infused oil! When you use alcohol, it is a tincture. There is a reason you pay so much money for 1oz of essential oil it is because it requires so much plant material to make a small amount by a distilling process and it is extremely concentrated unlike the infused oil you made. Reply 145 View all 11 replies Sir Douglas Howel, 5th Seat Sir Douglas Howel, 5th Seat1 year ago Essential oils are the extract of a material, not the addition of one. Reply 48 View all 8 replies Queen Yemayah Denkyembo Queen Yemayah Denkyembo8 months ago People are so critical,often without any polite, beneficial advice in exchange for their criticism. an essential oil is defined as:a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted. before there were advanced machines to pull every single drop of potent oil from plants, this method is how it was done. so, this is an essential oil as she is extracting oils from the plant. we as consumers are just spoiled by the intense concentration of the machine, etc extraction so sometimes it's difficult to appreciate a simplified extraction. thanks for the ❤video! Read more Reply 45 View all 7 replies Andrew De Freitas Andrew De Freitas8 months ago (edited) it's not an essential oil, it's an infused oil. the reason why the "one unce little bottle" is so expensive is because it takes a myriad of lavender to make oil. the plant itself is pressed till every drop comes out. it's 100% lavender, just like the grapeseed oil you bought is 100% grapeseed. you get what you pay for. it's like comparing a tiny bottle of thick dishsoap to a huge bottle of watery dishsoap. the tiny bottle is more expensive because it's 100% pure, the bigger bottle is less expensive because it's 70% water and not soap. big doesn't always mean more. Read more Reply 34 View all 3 replies LadyMina Miakoda LadyMina Miakoda3 years ago OUCH,OUCH,OUCH,pleeeeeease, change the title on this. I am a certified clinical aromatherapist, manufacturer and teacher, and this is NOT an Essential oil, this is an OIL INFUSION. You are a very nice lady, but please do not mislead people. Doing this brings the Essential Oil manufacturers and values down and people think they can do it at home. Example on the difference,... it takes 60,000 roses to make 1 oz of essential oil, so what you are manufacturing it doesn't even come close to it. The 1 oz of oil you purchased is the real thing, that's why you paid $9 and that's actually an inexpensive one. If you are going to purchase a 1 oz bottle of Organic Rose essential oil, it would cost you approximately $900.00 us . This is why I don't purchase products (from people that I don't know) and I ask questions about these things, because I do like quality. Also, an oil infusion does have some benefits, but it doesn't come close to the real benefits that a real essential oil can give you. The potency is spectacular and so is the aroma, this is why you NEVER use them directly and undiluted on the skin, because of the concentration. I would truly be embarrassed If I had posted this video. You must truly inform yourself before going viral.  Read more Reply 31 View all 7 replies Sarah Seagraves Sarah Seagraves1 year ago There's nothing dangerous about a lilac infused oil used for scenting lotions, soaps, and household cleaners, as she stated very clearly in the video as her intention. She does misunderstand the difference between an essential oil and an infused oil, but for her purposes, either will work. It would be great if she corrected her mistake, but it is an honest one. All of these angry people are doing more harm, in my opinion, in the manner of their correction than any harm she has done by misunderstanding the nature of what she's making -- or more precisely, the nature of what she had been purchasing. (She seems to understand that she's making an infused oil, but she just seems to be a bit mixed up in believing that an essential oil is the same thing.) And for the record, infused oils do contain essential oils, as long as they are kept covered during the infusion process. Otherwise, the essential oils, which are volatile, will evaporate. So a properly infused oil will have the same benefits, along with some others besides, of a true essential oil that is diluted in a carrier oil -- because that is basically what it is, except that other oil-soluble constituents of the herb besides only essential oils will also be extracted into the carrier. So, if anything, what she is making can in many applications be the better choice. Read more Reply 22 View reply Roobz Z Roobz Z2 years ago this is not essential oil. don't spread misinformation like that. this is a lavender INFUSED oil, not ESSENTIAL oil. essential oil is the pure oil of lavender, unadulterated by other oils. Reply 17 View all 2 replies MsMaryJaneGrrl MsMaryJaneGrrl3 years ago This video is not titled correctly. This is not essential oil, this is an attempt at an infused oil. And this is not the proper way to do an infusion either. Why is she sauteing her lilac?!? Horribly misleading in her choice of words and just a terrible, terrible waste of lilacs. Reply 15 View reply jesse sangha jesse sangha3 years ago (edited) THIS VIDEO SHOULD BE RENAMED HOW TO MAKE INFUSED OIL.  Reply 12 View reply Amelia Rose Amelia Rose3 years ago For everyone complaining she clearly states in the video that this is infact Lilac Infused Oil..  Reply 10 Dawyn Palmer Dawyn Palmer1 year ago I agree with Sarah Seagraves comment! Regardless of what the "terminology" being used for flower oil fragrance extraction it is what everyone who viewed this video can use. I now have use for my fragrant roses and other flowers instead of spending all of that money on "essential, infused, and other home fragrant oils" THANK You Keila! By the way.. You can buy gallon bottles of Grapeseed oil on Amazon too. Read more Reply 8 Valentina Papa Valentina Papa2 years ago I don't get why people keep calling it "essential oil". Essential oil is the product of distillation (and you need A LOT of herbs), infused oil is this one and tinctures are extracts using alcohol (you can use other things in place of alcohol, but I can't remember now). Then there are tisanes (herbs infused in water). No intention to be rude, but this is misinformation. Read more Reply 7 danielle winkelspecht danielle winkelspecht1 year ago This is NOT essential oils. This is an infusion. Of course its going to be cheaper. Its not the pure extract from the plant material. Which, by the way, there is no such thing as Lilac essential oil. The blossoms are too delicate and do not contain enough essential oil for extraction. Its videos like this, where the people really do not have the first clue what they are talking about that truly brings the aromatherapy industry down as a whole. Please learn the terminology, please learn the difference between an infusion and an essential oil before you post tutorial videos. Read more Reply 9 View reply Mary Mary2 years ago Interesting, but I don't think this is an essential oil. This is more of a flower essence, which is still nice, but it's not an essential oil. Reply 16 View all 16 replies BeanieBooLover BeanieBooLover1 year ago Omg your voice Reply 6 View all 5 replies cheryl steele cheryl steele1 year ago she was a lovely lady and loved the way she made lilac. I'll be doing this. thank you for the video. very informative and you're just lovely. Reply 12 iari prassi iari prassi6 months ago Why are u deep frying flowers ?? Reply 4 View reply DHMTB Photography DHMTB Photography9 months ago Gas is going to cost more then $10! Reply 4 COOLJAZZY COOLJAZZY10 months ago I LOVE your backyard! Your accent is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Reply 5 emeraldeyes emeraldeyes11 months ago I heard that the ceramic bowl of a crock pot [slow cooker] is better/healthier than this metal pot. You can moderate the temperature very nicely to 200 degrees too in a slow cooker. Then there 's the safety aspect of oil and a stove. Grapeseed oil is lovely and light and I wonder about adding other healthy additives. 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