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Walnuts uses excellent win for her vote PII. See also the healing effect of walnut trees Walnut trees and leaves of healing effects it has three different types on the same spike, if calculated according …

Walnuts uses excellent win for her vote PII. See also the healing effect of walnut trees Walnut trees and leaves of healing effects it has three different types on the same spike, if calculated according to the length of a gang hand measure from top down (about 20 cm) called Gemma, same Gemma has three types of leaves that is: the top is the guava leaves, the leaves between two pieces of split over half a guava leaf-shaped party the lateral half of the leaf-shaped, papaya leaves, longer under even more papaya leaves is too small. Custom walnut trees also parallels that have other names such as dog or cow breast (in the Delta) or Pecans trees (in the forest). They are all the type of tree that grows in the wild rice, Ray turns to shore, where forest … So there are also two kinds of walnuts which are breast cow dog, tree, grow in the small dust in the plains where forest, the rice around the village, whose name in the methods of science are Ficus hire Vahl. Also the tree in the forest with trees Pecans scientific name Juglans regia l. Walnuts uses excellent win for her vote PII Walnuts uses excellent win for her vote PII. According to Oriental medicine, the roots of a plain walnut tree (Ficus hire Vahl, also known as the breast dog or cow) have slightly bitter sweetness, calculated the average, reducing effects of strong reinforced ribbed lower, reduced traffic congestion, stasis thũng, born. Right from the ancient medical Wisdom has known Static list using LaTeX white of the walnut mix together turmeric yellow do to treat the abdomen Golden filled, defecation apples. The leaves or fruits walnuts crushed Volkswagen up wound healing bruises. Walnut tree types to grow in the forest have the slightly acrid sweet taste, warmth, go into two scrap business, kidney, liver, kidneys healthy to do pillow backs powerful, collecting dues, asthma, lung, kidney problem, wax crystals. Uses as drugs improving the body, except the expectorant, law force transition born coughs, asthma, back pain, leg weakness, tired skin, hair black as drugs, diuretic, except hemorrhoids. Walnut leaves also used as drugs for skin cosmetics, skin firming, antiseptic, blood filtering desalination plants. Used walnut oil cure for foot eczema and dyed black hair. The document also says that walnuts also called peach Lake of humiliation, there is sweetness, as the average warmth, additional effects of discarded, kidney, fat, powerful people do, black hair, smooth skin, cure the proven properties of essential long-term knee pain back, cough, fatigue … Walnut tree also has healing effects on heart valve openings and prevent a heart attack. The tale that tried Dr. Liang Huang learned Pollen in Tibetan Lamas and monks from he was using 9 Gemma walnut, ½ glass of water and then squeezed juice to retire. 1 bunch fresh chives watch the same grab 1 fist, also for ½ Cup of water pounding squeezed water to private. This exposure brought two cups in the night, mist until 12 midnight to bring in private drinking and one each-each drinking this glass separated 30 minutes (drinking cup would also feature). Drinking two nights every week, but to come to the second week of drinking on two consecutive sailings also coincide on two days last week had been drinking (the post has corrected a successful old age 60 suffer from severe heart valve openings in southern Vietnam after drinking four times). Here introduce some treatment remedy from walnut trees for reference and can apply. * Cure wounds aches: Use Walnut Kernel pounding with drinking wine, combining fresh walnut leaves or pods to retire outside rịt wound up on the docks. * Cure asthma, elderly diabetes mellitus out sand and gravel: Pounding walnuts will eat porridge cooked off. * Burns, sores, eczema, black hair dye: oil, smeared walnut or comb hair. * Kidney Cure cold sore lumbar burning urination, fatigue, impotence, diabetes mellitus charms són, diabetes mellitus, multiple fucking, more essential: walnuts (Pecans humiliation) 12 g, three House 10 g, causation in law (useful human minds) 8 g, 8 g, 8 g of Pharmacy box, sharp on drink 1, divided by 3 times. The rare effect of walnuts The world also has a lot of the research on the uses of walnuts. In research to be published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that the walnuts brings greater benefits than olive oil. The fats in walnuts will “destroy” the harmful impacts from the no-fat diets. The tests showed that olive oil and walnuts are both help reduce the strong attack and surprise of the agitation that damage and the process of oxygen into the blood vessels by eating more fat. When this condition is prolonged, it will cause hardening of the artery and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. However, unlike olive oil, eating walnuts may help maintain the flexibility and versatility of the circuit, despite the level of cholesterol in the blood. Thanks to this flexibility, the vascular elasticity, elastic and expand when blood pressure rises suddenly. Lead researcher DR Emilio Ros said, eat more foods rich in fat will break the production of nitric oxide, a chemical guarantee the elasticity of the blood vessels. Nuts are rich in compounds that have the effect of reducing the risk of hardening of the blood vessels and maintain flexibility, flexibility of the circuit. The team at Barcelona hospital advised eating 8 walnuts every day. Professor Wendie Robbins-head of the research team from the school of community health Fielding ( the University of California, United States of America) said, just eat two pinches of walnuts every day will improve sperm quality in men. Research related to 117 men aged 21 to 35, were divided into 2 groups. One group ate more 75 grams walnuts (including shell) in the diet every day. The other group ate as often but avoid the fruit trees. Both are eating typical Western mode. The scientists said that the fatty acids in the fruit have helped developed sperm. “There is increasing evidence that the men’s diet affect the quantity and quality of sperm”, Dr. Allan Pacey, senior specialist of the University of Sheffield, commented.

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