Wednesday, July 26, 2017

HOW TO EAT ORGANIC AND PLAN YOUR MEALS (EVEN WHEN YOU’RE CRAZY BUSY) DOWNLOAD MY FREE GUIDE Stay lean and organic 365 days a year! This guide will show you how to fully absorb all nutrients you are consuming, what to eat to avoid inflammation, and quick meal planning tips. For the past 9,000 years, Native Americans have employed cayenne pepper as both a food and medicine, and for good reason. Cayenne pepper has powerful pain-relieving properties when applied topically, which comes from the impact of the active ingredient in cayenne... Vitamin D – A History Vitamins are defined as an essential nutrient that your body cannot produce on its own and must acquire from the diet – vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, but a hormone, which is a chemical that regulates body physiology. Your skin... Why You Need Fruit Fruit gets a bad reputation because it contains sugar, however not everything with sugar should be avoided. Fruit is full of nutrients, electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and is low in fat and calories. In comparison to sodas and... 3 WAYS TO PREVENT ADRENAL FATIGUE by Thomas DeLauer | May 9, 2016 | Blog, Brain & Body, Nutrition We all know that too much stress is a bad thing. When we are stressed we are less in control of our mood, our fitness tends to deteriorate and we will experience physical and mental fatigue. To exacerbate these problems, chronic stress has been linked to headaches,... THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SWEET POTATOES AND YAMS by Thomas DeLauer | May 4, 2016 | Blog, Nutrition If you’ve been around in the health space for a while, you know that sweet potatoes are all the rage, but I wanted to do this video because I want to talk about what the difference between a sweet potato and a yam is, because we seem to use these terms... THE TRUTH ABOUT POTASSIUM by Thomas DeLauer | Apr 28, 2016 | Blog, Nutrition We have all heard the age-old advice – be sure to eat plenty of bananas to get your potassium. Well what exactly do we need potassium for, and are bananas the best place to get it? Potassium is a mineral electrolyte that the body needs in order to function... Thomas DeLauer Suggest Edits PAGE INFO Founded in 2012 INTERESTS Personal Interests Outdoors, Backpacking, Mountaineering, Climbing, Horseback Riding, Playing with my dogs, anything outside. CONTACT INFO @thomas.delauer Send Message ThomasDeLauer ThomasDeLauer MORE INFO Affiliation Muscle & Fitness Ironman Magazine FitnessRX Magazine Natural Muscle Magazine About Health and Fitness Author and Business/Health Optimization Coach As Featured on Ironman Magazine Muscle & Fitness Magazine Impressum Thomas DeLauer, LLC PO Box 1372 Zephyr Cove, NV. 89448 Owner Thomas DeLauer Biography Life is so dynamic and multi-dimensional. As business people we are always forced into this one dimensional way of thinking. That we can only be good at one thi... See More Awards Top Trainer of the Year 2012, Top Recruiter 2012, Ironman Magazine Cover, Muscle and Performance Cover, Natural Muscle Cover Author for:... See More Gender Male Personal Information Health and Business Author and Speaker with a devout passion for helping others tap into the wild world of being the best version of themselves. categories Public Figure STORY Thomas DeLauer is a renowned author and celebrity trainer and is known mostly for his writings regarding inflammation within the human body. As an author and writer, he writes for some of the largest health and fitness organizations in the world. Including, but not limited to: Author for Muscle & Fitness Magazine Creator of the Organic Health Protocol Author for Ironman Magazine Author for FitnessRX for Men Author for Cut and Jacked Fitness Cover Model!Meet-our-May-Cover-guy-Thomas-DeLauer/cn2j/554cdb540cf21fee137752b3

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