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Number 8. There are more than 7 thousand species. Close to 200 of them live in the US. Over 50 of those are considered to be invasive.

https://youtu.be/WaYc7ezX2gI Start at: 2:12 Published on May 9, 2014 Here are 10 little known facts about earthworms. Spring has sprung, and along with more frequent sightings of flowers and raindrops, you may find yourself crossing paths with a few earthworms. Here are 10 little known facts about them. Number 10. They can get big. Australia is home to the giant Gippsland earthworm, a variety that can grow to be 3 feet long. Luckily, it makes an odd gurgling sound at times, so it may be possible to hear it coming. Number 9. Cut pieces don't always become new, whole worms. "I am a happy earthworm. Now that I am 2." [MSN] Depending upon where the worm was cut and how big the remaining pieces are, it may be able to regrow some parts. Often times, though, what they end up with isn't as functional as what they had. Number 8. There are more than 7 thousand species. Close to 200 of them live in the US. Over 50 of those are considered to be invasive. Number 7. Earthworms breathe through their skin. They have no lungs or other respiratory organs, but that's really for the best as they do spend most of their time underground surrounded by soil. Their skin is no match for rain, however, as earthworms are prone to drowning. Number 6. They're hermaphroditic. Even though each of them has both male and female reproductive organs, they still mate with other worms. Number 5. Earthworms eat a lot. On a daily basis they consume about a third of their body weight in food. Their meal of choice is soil that's chock full of decayed organic matter. Number 4. They like the dark. Earthworms burrow up to 6 and a-half feet underground. Typically, they only venture above the surface at night. That's how they earned the nickname 'night crawlers'. Number 3. Finding the head is actually easy. It's the end closest to the wide band that wraps around them. Conversely, as they move both backwards and forwards, direction of travel is not a good indicator of which end is which. Number 2. North America is new territory. The worms hailed from Europe and didn't come to this continent until explorers and settlers started to arrive. At the time ships balanced their weight with dirt, and with the soil came the earthworms. Number 1. They've proven to be quite useful. The burrowing habits of earthworms help aerate soil and move nutrients around. Plus, they're an excellent food source for birds. Category Education License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS COMMENTS • 51 Oscar del Rosario Add a public comment... Top comments geobeats geobeats3 years ago Did you play with earthworms as a kid? Reply 23 View all 15 replies It_is_JamesG. It_is_JamesG.2 years ago Where can I find that happy earth worm song? Reply 8 Fegelein The man of antics Fegelein The man of antics3 months ago Of course the big worm is in australia Reply 6 View reply BornForever009 BornForever0091 year ago What are you doing in the comment section? Get back to work! Reply 5 Sweetybeedy Sweetybeedy1 year ago That happy earth worm song xD I died when both of the earth worms were playing with the beach ball xD Reply 3 xNeurotic here xNeurotic here2 months ago I'm pretty sure that they can't drown right???? Reply 1 View reply Juliean Gulledge Juliean Gulledge2 months ago When It said 'Raindrop' I said Droptop. Reply 1 iLikeTurtles iLikeTurtles2 months ago WHY DID I WATCH THIS Reply 1 Paul Henning Krogh Paul Henning Krogh1 year ago At 1:25 you can se a collembolan, a springtail, coming in from the right. Reply 1 Daniel Druskovich Daniel Druskovich3 years ago this guy is an idiot!! yeah yourapeans brought earthworms to the new world just as much as light and all things" hardy hararhar!! !@#$ idiots!! Reply 1 View all 2 replies highlyqualifiedpleb highlyqualifiedpleb4 days ago wtf is that intro clip... Reply De`Andre Alexander De`Andre Alexander1 week ago So if worms can drown why do they usually come out in the rain Reply eric legates eric legates3 months ago ahhhhhhh! Reply Greg Dent Greg Dent4 months ago The idea that earthworms are 'invasive' is silly. The argument is based on the fact that 10,000 years ago much of North America was covered by an ice sheet about one mile thick above my head where I sit in Michigan. No earthworms alive at the time would survive of course. Nor would any other living creature including humans. I guess if you want to say that earthworms are 'invasive' you would also have to say that any humans on the continent alive now are also 'invasive'. The global warming alarmists are behind most of this nonsense. Read more Reply View reply Anyia Coleman Anyia Coleman6 months ago yup i did Reply 1 Bulging Underwear Bulging Underwear6 months ago i love raising earthworms, specially the composting nightcrawlers. Reply 1 Tanzim 2503 Tanzim 25036 months ago eeeeuuuuuuu that man at the starting of this video was earthworm Reply 1 yourtub yourtub6 months ago lmao the guy eating them like noodles Reply 1 SAHLISS SAHLISS7 months ago (edited) Is there anything at all the white man didnt bring with him to america on his boats? 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