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This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water Stories Stories Subscribed434K Add to Share More 2,895,165 views 59,197 1,496 ShareEmbedEmail Start at: 0:25 Published on Jul 5, 2016 Watch the next episode about San Francisco becoming a zero waste city: As urban populations continue to rise, innovators are looking beyond traditional farming as a way to feed everyone while having less impact on our land and water resources. Vertical farming is one solution that's been implemented around the world. Vertical farms produce crops in stacked layers, often in controlled environments such as those built by AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey. AeroFarms grows a variety of leafy salad greens using a process called "aeroponics," which relies on air and mist. AeroFarms' crops are grown entirely indoors using a reusable cloth medium made from recycled plastics. In the absence of sun exposure, the company uses LED lights that expose plants to only certain types of spectrum. AeroFarms claims it uses 95% less water than a traditional farm thanks to its specially designed root misting system. And it is now building out a new 70,000 square foot facility in a former steel mill. Once completed, it's expected to grow 2 million pounds of greens per year, making it the largest indoor vertical farm in the world. For more on AeroFarms: Join the Seeker community! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr: App - iOS App - Android Category Travel & Events License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS COMMENTS • 6,319 Oscar del Rosario Add a public comment... Top comments Mirrorslash Mirrorslash8 months ago "The idea is finally taking root"... Badum Tssss. Good one! Reply 979 View all 34 replies Bradley Stone Bradley Stone4 months ago I'd be cool working on something like this. Reply 119 View all 8 replies Nazmul Swapan Nazmul Swapan3 months ago I want to implement this vertical firming to my country. How can you help me to start this firming please?? Reply 48 View all 11 replies Dale Hansen Dale Hansen3 months ago Wow, so many Luddites, flat-earthers, and trump wannabes in the comments. RIP my faith in humanity. Reply 35 View all 7 replies Tudor Renegade Tudor Renegade3 months ago These are GMO, right ? He says water contamination comes from agriculture. It wouldn't be contaminated if you wouldn't use highly toxic pesticides smarty pants ! Reply 36 View all 10 replies Critic224 Critic2246 months ago They should try it in desert 🌵 countries....saving 95% of water is great 👍🏻! Reply 685 View all 45 replies eunice han eunice han3 months ago This video is not mentioning something really important. If they are not using soil, what are they using to feed/provide nutrients to the plants? Remember, good soil is important because it feeds the plant to actually sprout nutritious and better tasting leaves. You can't JUST HAVE water. Just like humans can't just drink water and survive. I'm pretty sure they are using chemically made liquid nutrients and fertilizer. Read more Reply 40 View all 13 replies MaryLou Asturias MaryLou Asturias3 months ago wow thats great....we need to protect our earth as well as the people.less toxins better health for everyone! Reply 9 View reply Johnny Rosas Johnny Rosas4 weeks ago (edited) This Hydroponic Program has shown me the possibilities of growing my own plants even if I don't have that much space. This has introduced me to Hydroponics, all about the essentials that I needed to know for my first Hydroponic system [Check Details Here ===> ]. Also, this has instructions on how to construct different Hydroponics systems, what kinds of plants to grow and a lot more. This has magnified my idea on the ease of doing Hydroponics. Also, with the help of the illustrations in this book, reading becomes entertaining and learning is much more easier. Read more Reply 8 Fjerid Fjerid3 months ago Recycled plastic as soil? artificial light? No thanks. I like my veggies... normal. Reply 14 View all 10 replies NightBazaar NightBazaar6 months ago Do these vertical farms grow anything else other than lettuce? Reply 331 View all 74 replies Savan Ngim Savan Ngim1 month ago Let's start farming our foods on the moon. Reply 8 View all 3 replies AJ Lawrence wolfbloodwing AJ Lawrence wolfbloodwing3 months ago This left out the fact that most of are food and water goes to animal agriculture so this well only help a small portion. Other than that it seems like a cool idea. Reply 6 View reply Draco Nosferatus Draco Nosferatus3 months ago maybe stip feeding to livestock? america alone can feed the entire human race on earth for 2 years just from the crops. where does it mostly go? and 60billion animals are killed each year? so much waste of crops, water and land. Reply 6 View all 2 replies cucurbitfan cucurbitfan5 months ago LESS WATER,NO SOIL, NO TASTE! Reply 46 View all 9 replies Quantrindic Quantrindic1 year ago they're catching up to cannabis techniques lmao Reply 1263 View all 59 replies CatACor CatACor3 months ago What about the echo system ? Reply 5 View all 7 replies LelouchL3 LelouchL33 months ago I just don't trust plants growing in plastic. Plastic has shown to release estrogen and hormones into our drinks and now the organic food will grow in recycled plastic? That's even worse. Reply 88 View all 23 replies pixelbasedlifeforms pixelbasedlifeforms3 months ago no soil, no water = cancer Reply 9 View all 6 replies Alyas Muhammed Alyas Muhammed3 months ago corruption on earth. u cant replace natural to unatural stupid industrialist trying to make money by feeding shit to humans Reply 5 View all 10 replies Show more Autoplay Up next earthrise S2015 • E20 Earthrise - Japan's Future Farms Al Jazeera English 339,971 views 5:04 Backyard aeroponics: self-sustaining farm for Wisconsin cold Kirsten Dirksen 808,977 views 25:20 Awesome Innovative Farm Machine - Best Modern Agricultural Machine TIME MACHINE 1,833,017 views 16:04 Why Vertical Farming Won't Save the Planet Utah State University Extension 86,428 views 46:48 How San Francisco Is Becoming A Zero Waste City Stories 293,453 views 4:16 Growing Roots - This Farmer Is Taking Root On Your Rooftops // Discovery on Viddsee Viddsee 392,349 views 23:41 Cool and Warm Climates - Vegetables You Can Plant for Fall Rainbow Gardens 1,378 viewsNEW 7:45 6 Edible Weeds That Are More Nutritious Than Store Bought Veggies Natural Ways Recommended for you 3:43 4 Homemade Organic Pesticide Every Gardener Must Know Natural Ways Recommended for you 3:46 Aquaponic Ginger Harvest 2016. 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